Monday, April 6, 2009

Final wrap-up on the NCPH conference blog - Monday, April 6

Or perhaps it’s not so final – others may feel inspired to add posts or comments even though the 2009 conference is now over. But this will be our final digest of what’s been posted on the blog. Sunday’s posts included reflections on:

  • how new professionals see the value of public history education
  • a screening of Katrina Brown’s film “Traces of the Trade,” in which a descendant of prominent Rhode Island slave-traders comes to grips with some family history
  • the Digital Projects Showcase, including links (courtesy of Suzanne Fischer!) to the various digital history projects that were on display
  • Kathleen Hulser’s encounters with “the landscape of human rights” through art and historical projects in Providence
  • the capstone plenary session, which raised questions about relationships, generations, and power—standard fare in discussions about public history, but perennially in need of reassessment as the field and the world continue to change

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